Mr Resistor

by Mark Gustafson

Original score composed by Della Huang

Additional info:

Teacher: Claudio Ragazzi

Libraries: Kontakt, Vienna Ensemble, LASS Strings, Cinebrass, Omnisphere

Live instruments:

Soprano: Grace Lau

Violinists: Heeyeon Ko (soloist), Charlotte Ya Yuan Hsu, Natalia Goldstein


Cellists: Lukasz Pawlikowski, Martin Beaux, Ryan Fogal


Double Bassist: Kevin Barber

In Our Time 

documentary series by ChannelNewsAsia

Original score composed by Wei Tseng and Della Huang

The five episodes of the TV documentary series was aired in January 2020. The music that was written was for the main title of each of these episodes.

Coming soon!

How To Train Your Dragon

by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois

Original score composed by Della Huang

The soundtrack of the movie was written by John Powell. A new version was composed  by Della Huang for a school assignment.